It is a real pleasure to work with you! I have so many feedback from our guests, customers, suppliers and the board. They were all amazed ! The food and everything was just perfect. DJ did a good job, lots of people at the dance floor. The manager of the board was extremely happy when he left! So I think we can conclude that we (you!) manage this better and better each year!

Pelagia AS, Mette S. - 300 people, Pelagia

A huge thank you to you and your team for what was a really good day, we could not have had such a successful meeting without your incredible organisational skills and your colleagues who obviously take much pride in what they do. I really hope that we will be able to come to your hotel again with a conference for ***, the service and quality of support was excellent.

IMEC, Simon F. - 130 people, Imec

Laurent Lamy

Director of Sales T. +3222780547 E.

Julie De Blick

Sales Manager T. +3222780545 E.

Bart T’Jampens

Director of Groups & Events T. +3222780582 E.

Kevin Hautain

Groups & Events coordinator T. +3222780586 E.

Maxime Cabo

Groups & Events coordinator T. +3222780584 E.

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