You showed us what is to work with high professionalism. Personally I must say that normally we do not get this service during the organization of our conferences, so thank you very much again. I indeed have received very good comments about the venue and the service, coming from participants and also from my colleagues.

DFKI GmbH, Nieves S. - 150 people , Dfki

Everything was perfect. Nothing went wrong and I emphasize the efficiency of the entire team to solve any last minute glitches.

Cefic, Particia D.H. - 15 people, Cefic

Laurent Lamy

Director of Sales T. +3222780547 E.

Julie De Blick

Sales Manager T. +3222780545 E.

Julie Cordiez

MICE Revenue & Leads Manager T. +3222780581 E.

Frederic Vaessen

Groups & Events Manager T. +3222780584 E.

Bart T’Jampens

Assistant Groups & Events Manager T. +3222780582 E.

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