High professionalism of the hotel’s staff, refined decoration, beautiful reception in some wonderfully refurbished lounges and the kindness of all the staff of the Hotel Le Plaza, contributed to the success of this event and impressed and delighted our guests.

Queen Paola Foundation, Sophie S. - 500 people, Fondation Reine Paola

It is a real pleasure to work with you! I have so many feedback from our guests, customers, suppliers and the board. They were all amazed ! The food and everything was just perfect. DJ did a good job, lots of people at the dance floor. The manager of the board was extremely happy when he left! So I think we can conclude that we (you!) manage this better and better each year!

Pelagia AS, Mette S. - 300 people, Pelagia

Laurent Lamy

Director of Sales T. +3222780547 E. laurent.lamy@leplaza.be

Julie De Blick

Sales Manager T. +3222780545 E. julie.deblick@leplaza.be

Bart T’Jampens

Director of Groups & Events T. +3222780582 E. bart.tjampens@leplaza.be

Kevin Hautain

Groups & Events coordinator T. +3222780586 E. kevin.hautain@leplaza.be

Maxime Cabo

Groups & Events coordinator T. +3222780584 E. Maxime.Cabo@leplaza.be

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